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2/4/15 11:50 pm

"That is the saddest part when you lose someone you love—that person keeps changing. And later you wonder, is this the same person I lost?..." —Amy Tan, The Kitchen God’s Wife

7/14/11 12:00 am - Now we rise. And we are everywhere.

12/16/10 11:23 pm

My graduation shall stay in my recent memory as one of the best days of my life.

Although the weather was terrible, I saw all my friends and <3s, it's a perfect summation of my 3 years of uni.

A perfect perfect day.

12/9/10 10:28 am - the week before graduation

This few days are quiet and mundane, wasted on nothings. Im so complacent and comfortable with the status quo, there's not a thing in the world I want to change or do. If Im living by myself, I think I would just like to close all the curtains in the house and sleep the week away. Not eating, not drinking, not meeting people, and just slowly wither away quietly, not disturbing anyone.

It's like this:

I want to read, listen to music, and watch movies, but there's nothing particular that interests me or moves me.
I want to be with people, but there's no on in particular I want to be with.
If I want to, I coulld force myself to be interested in something, but it's too much of an effort. I could do this or that, but I could also not. I want nothing, I crave nothing.
This is how people become anti social, when nothing in the society interests them anyway.

There's this place outside my apartment, it's the sort of trendy artsy community place I would travel 2hrs to go to in the past. Now it's just on my footsteps. Instead, it's this place in Singapore that I miss. This park in the middle of nowhere that is less of a park than a very very long flight of stairs with plants scattered around. Somehow I just miss it. It leads to nowhere. No reasons.

10/11/10 04:50 pm - 10/10/2010


What were you doing on this special day?

Hubby literally dragged me to Brunswick to catch a live band at Retreat Hotel (pub), because "that's what Australians do at 3pm on a Sunday" and "im ur hubby and you should do what I tell you". Hur hur sweet. Drag me out more often :)

When we got there, lots of people, but no band. He got the dates wrong, or the place, or who knows what. Anyhow, no entertainments at Retreat, so we hit the streets, and it was really lovely.

Victoria st on brunswick is kinda of a hippie haven. There's so many op-shops, organic groceries, quirky designer boutiques and cute cafes. It's where I wish I could live if I had the money.

Never seen so many things i like in one shop window:

9/6/10 11:35 am - 1 down, 2 to go

Info3 midsem is really easy, I totally pwned it hard, or at least ought to. The hardest questions in the mid-sem....are not so hard...nested queries and grouping in RA. The only problem was that I thought it was so easy I took my time, and in the end I dint have time to finish my relational scheme...Moral of the story:
Fancy getting screwed over by the easiest question in the test...story of my life.

On a light note, I find this guy really hilarious(It's the only time I think of Grandma and laugh, not cry)...He's a typical AA (Australasian) teeny booper. And he studies at RMIT, 10 mins from where I live, I hope to bump into him on the street one day XD

9/5/10 10:59 pm - Calmness before the storm

This weekend has been all (mostly) about informatics 3, relational database, SQL, ER models and relational algebra. I wish there doesnt need to be any mid-sem for it, cause it's actually pretty fun and exams are kind of a party pooper. But then again, without mid-sems I probably wouldnt touch it. So...it's kinda like I like mid-sem because it forces me to study and appreciate the subject, but I also hate mid-sem because it gives me so much pressure ><...Moral of the story: Start early!

Also I caught Scott Pilgrim with Reagan, Hugh and friends yesterday and it was really good. I finally understood why Micheal Cera needs to be in every indie show ever. He's cute, in a sick whiney puppy sort of way. Also is it only me or is Knives Chau wayyy cuter than Ramona Flowers? I want to watch it again! And drag hubby to watch it with me. Anyone reading this please do urself a favour and go watch it, it's super ace, promise.
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9/2/10 06:56 pm - Right from wrong

"Already trailing 5-2 in the third, Roddick wound up in an argument over a foot-fault call on a first serve. He turned to the official and asked, "What foot?"

When she told him it was his right foot, he replied, "That's impossible."

Roddick then turned to chair umpire Enric Molina and, pointing first to his right foot, then his left, asked, "Has THIS foot gone in front of THAT foot ever in my career?"

Molina replied: "Not in my matches."

A TV replay showed Roddick did commit a foot fault - but with his left toes.

And what really bothered Roddick, he said afterward, was that the official would not acknowledge that she was mistaken when she blamed his right foot for the ruling.

"I was just stupefied," he said.

Indeed, asked later what might have happened if the lineswoman said the call was made because his left sneaker was on the baseline, he replied: "There would have been no discussion."

Herald Sun

Come on Roddick, stay classy! It's stuff like this that makes you lose the US open to a nobody. :(

6/11/10 11:35 am - Wheee

Sweet sweet bliss in the aftermath of Investments exam...totally out of the exam mood even though I have one more subject left next friday.

Quite happy with my performance even though I think I might not be able to get H1. Considering I dint have much to sleep my brain was working surprisingly well hehe, especially for the calculation questions. Lots of people were saying it's very hard while I thought it was okay, although I have some blanks. I'd settle for H2A and be quite disappointed if I get H2B. Same for BE.

Im taking today off! Going to do some admin stuff for my trip and the scholarship, and get my assignments back from the student centre.

Oh and also I just bought a game on Steam, it's called Eversion, a seemingly cute platform game with a sinister undertone : http://store.steampowered.com/app/33680/ well write about it more after I played it.

In a happy mood today, hope everyone is happy too
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6/9/10 01:32 pm - BE

First paper today! Exam in about 40 minutes... I hope more theory parts come out and less stuff about correlation comes out....Mmm other than that should be okay, hopefully not too complicated calculations too..haiz, how i wish exam is something where u dump down everything you know and get rewarded for how you understand the material, although that would make grading impossible.

Also, good news! Got a 1K traveling scholarship for my trip. Cant believe they award $$ to such short study programs, lucky :)


Heheh it's like a dream come true! Or is it? Questions are pretty easy but really short of time...But if everyone thinks it's easy, then I might not do well :( Anyway goodbye BE, see you never :D

Haiz...am too mentally exhausted to revise for investments how how how
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